Health Communication Consulting for Substance Use Treatment




Project ECHO



Expanding Treatment for Substance Use Disorders Through the ECHO Model


Our Role

Cultural competency review Project ECHO provides telehealth medical education and health workforce capacity and offers knowledge-sharing networks in order to reduce health disparities. We reviewed their interdisciplinary opioid addiction treatment teleECHO clinic lectures to ensure they were culturally competent. As part of the review, we developed a cultural competency checklist in order to consistently assess items like bias, access, assumptions, cultural strengths, communication, behavior, assessment and treatment, customs, and more.

Curriculum best practices consulting  РWe are developing educational sessions for Project ECHO staff on best practices in developing and delivering curricula that adhere to principles of adult education and popular education as well as reflecting cultural competency. At Soda Creek, we have developed many types of curricula and other educational tools and so are thrilled to partner with Project ECHO to assist them in creating audience-centered materials.