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Sept 2013 – Soda Creek Contractors Featured in Abq Journal

More than 10 years ago, we started a community-based program called, La Comunidad Habla, “The Community Speaks”, that trained immigrant women computer skills, health outreach, and facilitation. Sara Nelson (Soda Creek) and Andrea Plaza (Encuentro) (featured in this article)┬ámentored the women and helped many of them start their own small businesses. At Soda Creek, we have been fortunate to continue to work with three of the women — Veronica Salazar, Sonia Medina, and Azucena Molinar — on many of our projects, including Health Communication Research on the Health Care Home Model, Collective Impact for Neighborhood and County Health (CINCH), and the Invasive Pests Fotonovela for the Hungry Pests campaign. We are so happy to see the women and Encuentro featured in the Albuquerque Journal’s Business Outlook. Through the amazing support of Bonifacio Dimas, a volunteer at Encuentro, the women are learning computer repair and plan to extend their businesses to offer this service. Great job, La Comunidad Habla!

August 2013 – Curriculum Development and Review

We’re working with Native Community Development Associates to develop training modules for First Choice Community Healthcare. The modules will be used to train staff in different competencies. ┬áCheryl Christopherson, pictured below, will train staff using the modules in the coming months.

We love working with clients to create training curricula and engaging materials that help their employees and the communities they serve. In addition to First Choice, we are also currently reviewing curricula and creating materials for the Altarum Institute and their client the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

FC curriculumCheryl curr review small