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You hope to understand and reach out to your audience.
You have important information to share.
You want people to understand, remember, and take action.

 Great! We help you do this by:

    • Designing behavior change communication strategies and programs.
    • Developing culturally relevant multilingual materials and multimedia tools.
    • Writing and reviewing educational curricula.
    • Developing classes, presentations, and activities for adult learners.
    • Assessing content and design for adult learning principles.
    • Conducting field research.
    • Facilitating small and large groups.
    • Developing outreach strategies for hard-to-reach populations.
    • Providing technical assistance.

We work on projects related to public health, health care, behavioral health, education, advocacy, the environment, and public safety. We specialize in teaching, involving, and engaging vulnerable populations and low-literacy learners.