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Presentation with the New Mexico Community Health Worker Association

We’ve collaborated a lot with the New Mexico Community Health Worker Association over the years.  This time around, they asked us to present at their annual training on the topic of “leadership skills.”  Specifically, we gave a one hour presentation on facilitation skills.  It was a lot of fun!



  1. We had volunteers help us do role plays about “good” and “bad” facilitation techniques.  After each one we asked members of the audience (made up of community health workers and the people they work with) what they observed.  This led to a great discussion about facilitation successes and challenges.  As a group we came up with solutions to handle the challenges.
  2. We used examples from a wonderful workbook called Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making.  I highly recommend this workbook because it has practical examples of ways to facilitate in an inclusive and engaging way.