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Assessment of Perceptions of Child Development and Behavioral Health



Mental Health Stigma Research Project


Our Role

This was for a research projected funded by

This was for a community-based participatory research project (funded by the National Institutes of Health and UNM’s Clinical and Translational Science Center) regarding how parents receive information on child developmental and behavioral health (DBH). Despite advances in effective interventions for children who have disorders, most children who need DBH services do not receive them, with an extreme unmet need among Latino preschool-age children. In addition to structural barriers, including access to services, utilization of services is related to parental knowledge and perceptions of stigma. Findings from the focus group discussions shed light on how DBH information is diffused in this under-served community and how stigma operates.

We did this in partnership with Dr. Tamar Ginossar from UNM Health Science Center and community leaders from La Comunidad Habla (which Sara Nelson from Soda Creek formed and oversaw for 10 years).

Project Oversight and Coordination

  • Provide administrative oversight for community recruiting, contractor training, and additional tasks needed for the project
  • Supervise and coordinate 3-4 contractors from La Comunidad Habla

 Co-conduct 3-6 Focus Groups with at least 40 participants

  • Assist in recruitment of at least 40 Spanish-speaking parents/guardians
  • Prepare and implement focus groups in partnership with UNM HSC
  • Follow-up with participants as requested
  • Coordinate focus group participants, locations, space, and schedules

 Co-develop 1-4 trainings for community leaders

  • Develop trainings, agendas, and handouts to train community leaders to co-facilitate field research (recruiting, focus groups, analysis)

 Co-facilitate 1-4 trainings for community leaders

  • Coordinate training locations, space, and schedules
  • Provide ongoing assistance to leaders, as needed

Develop materials and provide translation

  • Design recruitment flyer in English and Spanish
  • Translate flyer, consent form, focus group guide, and transcribed notes

Assist in qualitative analysis and dissemination of information

  • Review and analyze research findings
  • Coordinate work with UNM HSC and community leaders to disseminate findings in the communities where research took place