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Facilitation and Field Research



Community assessment of health needs


Our Role

  • Prepare and co-facilitate 2 4-hour discussion groups with New Mexico Action Coalition committee members and key stakeholders. Discussion groups will solicit feedback about the findings of a series of community assessments of health needs in New Mexico with emphasis on the impact nursing can have on planning, implementation and evaluation of meeting these health needs.
  • Provide consultation and technical assistance for field research and the development of a final report of findings. This principally includes reviewing and providing comments on the final report and developing layout of the final report.

“I have hired Sara numerous times and have also had the opportunity to work with her in the community and see her work on other projects. When it comes to creativity, expertise, and skill, there is no other person I would recommend. Sara has the ability to work across cultures and incredibly high quality of work. I would highly recommend her services.”

Leigh Caswell

Community Health Manager, Presbyterian Healthcare Services

“We so appreciate the facilitation of Cheryl Christopherson at our meetings in April.¬† She brought her full skills to the fore in putting everyone at their ease and in really bringing out the participation of all the attendees.¬† She made it fun while still making sure we got everything we needed.”

Sandy Stewart

Assistant Director, New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence