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Brainstorming Session with LCH





In 2002 I founded La Comunidad Habla (LCH), a Spanish-speaking women’s group focused on health communication, community advocacy, and bridging the digital divide. I regularly subcontract with the leaders of this group for projects I’m doing related to community engagement in the immigrant community. The leaders are experts at recruiting members of the Spanish-speaking immigrant population and providing digital literacy classes.


  1. Meet to brainstorm the current direction of LCH. Do we continue as a group? Do we get adopted by an organization? Do we form into an LLC?
  2. Teach the leaders 2 facilitation techniques:
  • Affinity Map – brainstorm using sticky notes; organize sticky notes into categories
  • Dot Voting – vote on categories from Affinity Map using dot stickers

These techniques can be found in Game Storming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers. I often use these techniques when facilitating focus groups and small group discussion.