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Web Design and Message Development



Web re-design and training


Our Role

  • Initial redesign of website using WordPress (all current versions after the redesign are done by Enlace staff) – The new site is responsive, meaning it “adapts” to whatever device – cell phone, computer screen, IPad, etc. — someone views it on.  Also, the site will be easy for Enlace staff to update and maintain so they do not have to rely on outside help.
  • Messaging – While Enlace’s staff wrote most of the content for the site, we ensured it meets the needs of their 3 main audiences: donors, clients, and the general public. We also helped Enlace make the content clear and meaningful, and consistent across all pages.
  • Training – We trained Enlace staff to build, update, and maintain the site.

Enlace is a non-profit domestic violence agency for Spanish-speaking immigrant women in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Over 10 years, Sara Nelson has worked with Enlace Comunitario in different projects. She built at least two versions of Enlace Comunitario’s website and wrote the original version of Enlace Comunitario’s parenting curriculum, Padres en Acción. Ms. Nelson helped me and some of my peers take our work to a different level. She is very patient, organized, compassionate and professional and able to work with individuals of different ethnicities and backgrounds. Her expertise and coaching has been instrumental to my work and to our organization.

Virginia Perez Ortega

Prevention Director, Enlace Comunitario