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Dec 2018 – Messaging for Website

Dec 2018 – Messaging for Website

We’re working on messaging for the It Starts With Us website which will be live in January 2019 (the site is currently housed in a temporary location). Using our messaging guide, we’re crafting the website to be full of content that encourages conversations around sexual violence and role modeling of healthy social norms. This is a behavior change communication campaign that we designed from the ground up, starting with formative research. Our client for this project is the State of New Mexico Department of Health.

Oct/Nov 2018 – Year 4 of Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign

Year 4 of Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign

We have enjoyed leading the communication efforts for the State of New Mexico Department of Health for their It Starts With Us campaign. This social and behavior change campaign targets teens and mentors across the state. For year 4, some of our work includes developing the campaign website, overseeing photo shoots with different communities around the state, and developing Spanish-language materials. We’re so happy to work with both the State of New Mexico and many local rape crisis centers for this project.

Statewide Communication Campaign

Statewide Communication Campaign



State of New Mexico Department of Health

Our Role

Oversee a 4-year statewide sexual violence prevention communication campaign, including:

  • Research existing sexual violence prevention campaigns to determine best practices
  • Conduct focus groups with community members and leaders; conduct interviews with non-profit rape crisis center staff to determine existing messages and test potential new messages.
  • Develop communication plan.
  • Develop messages and messaging guide.
  • Create branding guide.
  • Develop website and blog.
  • Write creative content for all materials.
  • Oversee creative development of English- and Spanish-language print and digital media and education tools (social media graphics, tip guides, posters, promotional materials, website).
  • Oversee social media engagement.
  • Solicit feedback and input from partner agencies to ensure correct direction and community support.
  • Involve partners in the testing and development of materials.
Soda Creek did the impossible! They created a beautiful cohesive messaging and media campaign regarding an incredibly sensitive social justice issue.  They listened deeply to our group’s needs and thoughts, quickly and effectively integrated our team’s feedback, and produced a phenomenal campaign for New Mexican communities.
Rachel Cox

Clinical Director, Communities Against Violence

Working with Soda Creek on the It Starts with Campaign, has been a great experience. They listened to our partners’ perspectives, incorporated changes where needed, helped provide guidance materials for running the campaign, and worked well with the New Mexico Department of Health. I applaud their patience, professionalism, flexibility, and creativity. They employed a teamwork approach to building a successful social change campaign. We thank them for all the work they have done to support such an important issue as sexual violence prevention.

Heather Frankland

Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator, CDC Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Coordinator, New Mexico Department of Health

July 2018 – Plain Language Slides for Webinar

July 2018 – Plain Language Webinar Slides

We just wrapped up a project with Harbage Consulting for their Health Homes Program with the California Department of Health Care Services. Harbage will be offering webinar training to health care organizations across California to prepare them to successfully run the Health Homes Program. We helped them get ready by re-writing and planning the design for their introductory webinar. We reviewed and re-wrote their slide deck (in PowerPoint) to incorporate plain language and adult learning principles in order to create an engaging, story-driven webinar. We created a design theme for the slide set and also developed a tip sheet on developing audience-centered webinars and slides.

November 2017 – Social Media for Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign

Social Media for Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign

We were happy to get rolling with social media — Twitter and Facebook — for the It Starts With Us campaign for our client the State of New Mexico Department of Health. We will have a daily presence on these platforms in order to advance our community of responsibility messages across the state. Our goal is to increase dialogue about sexual violence and to promote positive role modeling of healthy social norms.