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January 2015 – Behavior Change and Energy Efficiency

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We’re exploring opportunities with a local energy efficiency organization to integrate behavior change communication strategies into some projects. Though making facility and environmental changes is essential for energy efficiency, it must be accompanied with operational improvements through changes in behavior. The people that manage, work in, and use energy-optimized buildings and equipment are all key players in ensuring technologies, retrofits, processes, and procedures are successful to the fullest extent possible. We assess such audiences and determine the most appropriate interventions to help them build awareness and interest in the benefits of certain behaviors, as well as be pro-active in meeting energy efficiency goals.

Assessment of Health Education Materials

Assessment of Health Education Materials



Food Safety Project


Our Role

  • Oversee recruiting – Recruit vegetable and fruit farmworkers along the border of US/Mexico.
  • Develop moderator’s guide – This was for a 1.5 hour discussion group in Spanish.
  • Conduct discussion group and interviews – The participants shared their opinions on Spanish-language health education materials on foodborne illness.  We explored what they liked, didn’t like, and recommended in order to improve the materials and use them across the country with farmworkers.
  • Translate and transcribe the audio recordings
  • Develop final report – This included an overview, methodology, key findings, recommendations, and a copy of the transcript and interview notes.

For this project, it was especially helpful that Sara Nelson (Principal Consultant on the project) has several years of prior experience providing health outreach and education to migrant and seasonal farmworkers.