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Jan 2019 – Curricula Review

January 2019 – Curricula Review

The Community Health Worker/Representative team at Project ECHO regularly produces curricula for global audiences on a variety of health topics. This team is very dedicated to ensuring each one is audience-centered. We helped them to develop a process to review their curricula so that it’s consistent no matter the reviewer and takes into account whether the principles of adult learning have been applied. 

June & July 2016 – Curriculum Design

 Curriculum Design

In addition to co-writing and reviewing, we did the layout and design for Encuentro‘s curriculum, Tecno-y-Trabajo. We ensured the design would be user-friendly, well organized, and have a techie, yet friendly, feel. We designed one for instructors and one for students, in addition to designing activity sheets. Encuentro will begin using the curriculum — which teaches immigrant students computer and job skills at the same time — this fall.


Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development & Design – Computer Literacy + Job Training







Our Role

Curriculum review, writing, design/layout  – Review Encuentro’s existing Spanish-language adult learning curriculum and provide recommendations on content modification, literacy level, language consistency, and engagement. Write new content and/or modify existing content. Design layout for an instructor and student version in Spanish. This is for a Spanish-language adult education class that combines skill building in computer literacy and job training.

Soda Creek Consulting was an excellent partner helping Encuentro in the development and design of our Spanish language computer training curriculum.  They brought expertise in the areas of basic literacy, language and cultural accessibility and curriculum design.  We hope this is the first of many more collaborations on future curricula!

Andrea Plaza

Director, Encuentro

May 2016 – Curriculum Development

May 2016 – Curriculum Development

We’re happy to be working with Encuentro again! Sara has collaborated with Andrea Plaza, Director at Encuentro, and Veronica Salazar, computer instructor at Encuentro, for many years now. We’re currently working with them to assist Veronica in the development of a computer + job skills curriculum in Spanish. We’re reviewing and modifying content, ensuring consistency and an appropriate literacy level, and doing the overall design and layout of both the instructor and student versions.

September 2014 – Completion of 5-year CHW Initiative Project

We completed a 5-year project with the Altarum Institute for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (part of the National Institutes of Health) this month. Highlights of our work include: