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November 2017 – Social Media for Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign

Social Media for Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign

We were happy to get rolling with social media — Twitter and Facebook — for the It Starts With Us campaign for our client the State of New Mexico Department of Health. We will have a daily presence on these platforms in order to advance our community of responsibility messages across the state. Our goal is to increase dialogue about sexual violence and to promote positive role modeling of healthy social norms.

January 2017 – Video Design

Video Design

We’re working on a great project with the New Mexico Department of Health Office of Injury Prevention to create messaging tools that help communities increase awareness about and action to reduce sexual violence prevention. At Soda Creek, it’s very important to us to communicate our work process with clients and partners so everyone knows what we’re up to and why. That’s why we recently created a 5 minute video for partners to catch them up on the various steps we took in our first year on the project and how that leads us into our second year. Since we don’t see the partners on a regular basis, having this type of communication is very important to project cohesion.