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May 2017 – Plain Language Adaptation

Plain Language Adaptation

The State of Colorado Office of Early Childhood reached out to us to help them develop a brochure for their Working Together project. This project reaches out to adults to connect them to resources to finish their GED and get job certificates, as well as find new career opportunities. They had a lot of content they wanted to include in their project brochure but needed a consultant that could take all of it, determine what their audience would most relate to, re-write and distill it into plain language. We were happy to accept! We love doing plain language work.

For this project, the brochure is going to be the main point of contact with target audiences. So it needed to nail it in terms of “speaking to” its audience by clearly describing benefits and addressing barriers. We sifted through content, chose the information most pertinent to the audience, and re-wrote it at a 4th-5th grade reading level. We also determined how to present the content so it would 1) gain the attention of the target audience, 2) keep their attention by getting them to look through the whole brochure, and 3) convert interest into action. We also provided recommendations to the designer on design for low-literacy audiences.