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July 2017 – Year 3 of Sexual Violence Prevention Pilot

Year 3 Begins! Sexual Violence Prevention Pilot

We are excited to begin year 3 of a sexual violence prevention pilot with the New Mexico Department of Health. Via digital and print media, we are collaborating with rape crisis centers across the state to get out messages that motivate teens and mentors to notice red flags and talk about sexual violence. This is a statewide initiative that follows behavior change communication theories by recognizing and responding to what target audiences view as benefits and barriers to taking action to prevent sexual violence.

Plain Language Editing

Plain Language Adaptation & Guide Layout






Mental Health First Aid Cultural Competency Guide


Our Role

Plain language adaptation, guide design/layout  – Review and prepare Change Matrix’s cultural competency guide to be plain language ready. Work included modifying college-level content to be at an 8th-10th grade reading level, organizing content to be user-friendly, creating graphics, and preparing the layout of a 15-page guide. This is for Change Matrix’s client, National Council for Behavioral Health.


June & July 2016 – Curriculum Design

 Curriculum Design

In addition to co-writing and reviewing, we did the layout and design for Encuentro‘s curriculum, Tecno-y-Trabajo. We ensured the design would be user-friendly, well organized, and have a techie, yet friendly, feel. We designed one for instructors and one for students, in addition to designing activity sheets. Encuentro will begin using the curriculum — which teaches immigrant students computer and job skills at the same time — this fall.


June 2013 – Infographic Design for Health Care Home Study

These are the preliminary infographic designs that visually describe our health care home study results. This is for our client, Urban Health Partners through the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. Infographics are a great way to take data and detailed information and share it in a visual and informative way. We hope to share the final version with you in next month.

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