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April 2019 – Lupus Awareness

April 2019 – Lupus Awareness

We’ve been busy reaching out to our national network of community health workers and community health representatives in order to find individuals and organizations interested in participating in a pilot course and training to raise awareness about lupus. We were successful! We’re, of course, happy to recruit people but, more than anything, we’re happy to be involved with a project that seeks to raise awareness about this often unknown auto-immune disease.

April 2018 – Assess Diabetes Initiative for CDC

Focus Groups to Gather Input on Diabetes Prevention Program

We enjoyed working with HealthInsight New Mexico on their project with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We conducted 2 focus groups in New Mexico — one in Roswell and one in Los Lunas — to gather community input on the CDC’s diabetes prevention program. Our work also included transcription and summary of findings. This input will inform the CDC about community barriers to healthy living, ways people prefer to receive information, and individuals’ likelihood to join their program.

Health Communication Research

Health Communication Research



University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center – Office of Community Health, Urban Health Partners (UHP)



Assessment of health care home model


Our Role

  • Develop research tools
  • Recruit
  • Conduct focus groups in English and Spanish
  • Assist in evaluating the results and developing a final report
  • Review health care home research results and translate into engaging and informative visuals – infographics
  • Develop and run local webinar to share health care home study results

Soda Creek has had the pleasure of working with this team for many years in many capacities of health communication. This current project will help inform and improve UHP’s Bernalillo County Pathways to a Healthy Community program.

When we develop discussion questions for focus groups ...
We think conversation + study participants. What would the study participants say if we had a relaxed conversation with them? How would they talk? What would they find engaging? What would make them want to share? Then we write the research questions using this conversational language (while remaining scientifically sound, of course). This is a great way to engage participants because it feels natural to them and thus helps them to open up. We also ensure that the explanation and questions show the participants how much their opinion is valued.
Information: From complex to easy-to-understand
We recently finished conducting a University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center study with Urban Health Partners to better understand the patient-centered medical home or health care home model. We have plenty of timely and important data to share from this study. This can be done in many ways depending on what audience we are reaching. One way to share complex data, technical information, and/or academic research is through infographics. Soda Creek recently designed an infographic for UHP that visually shares the research project’s methodology and findings. This is one example of the plain language work that Soda Creek specializes in.
health care home infographic final reduced size