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Spanish-language Focus Groups

Spanish-language Focus Groups





Encuentro in partnership with Fourfold Partners (Leah Steimel)


Home Health Aide Class Assessment

Our Role

Facilitate focus groups in Spanish  – Review and modify discussion guide, facilitate focus groups in Spanish, review and modify discussion notes. We have currently done 3 sets of focus groups in order to evaluate the class over time.

November 2016 – Focus Groups in Spanish

Focus groups in Spanish to assess Home Health Aide class

We happily partnered again with Leah Steimel of Fourfold Partners to provide focus group facilitation for our client, Encuentro. The purpose of the focus group was to assess the home health aide training program provided by Encuentro and CNM. We consulted by reviewing the discussion guide, facilitating 2 focus groups in Spanish, and reviewing and modifying focus group notes.