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December 2014 – Keep Hong Kong Clean Campaign

December 2014 – Keep Hong Kong Clean Campaign

We recently were on a 2 week trip in Hong Kong and were impressed by the overall cleanliness of the city, including it’s public transit, parks, communal areas of living spaces, and other public locations. It was nice to regularly see signs in elevators stating that they were sanitized “every 3 hours”, see signs in parks reminding residents to clean up their dog waste, and not find any trash whatsoever on public transit (metro and buses). Though we didn’t travel extensively to all parts of the city and recognize we only have an outsiders perspective, at first glance it seems something is working right. This piqued our interest to learn what behavior change campaigns have been done historically and were currently be implemented to maintain personal and environmental hygiene standards.  A few things we learned:

– The “Keep Hong Kong Clean” campaign has been going on since 1972. It aims to generate public concern for public cleanliness as the basis of civic pride.

– Hong Kong’s Department of Health runs an annual hand hygiene campaign.

– The “Hong Kong Cleanup”, organized by EcoZine, Eco Vision Asia, and the Nature Conservancy, runs city, country, and coastal cleanup challenges.

Ads have been run throughout the year stressing personal and public hygiene (though pitching a specific product).

In addition to behavior change campaigns, the city has strict public hygiene rules and laws, including not allowing food and drinks on public transport.