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March 2017 – Creating User-Friendly Content

Develop User-Friendly Cultural Competency Guide

Change Matrix contacted us to ask if we could help them adapt their Mental Health First Aid cultural competency guide to be more user-friendly in terms of literacy level and organization of content. Answer: Absolutely! We love this kind of work. We changed most of the content from a college literacy level to an 8th to 10th grade level. We also split up content by chunking, color, bullets, and use of graphics. We also did the layout and design for the guide. Very happy to partner with this great organization!

Promotional Material Development

Promotional Material Development





Promotional material development


Our Role

Graphic design – brochure and letterhead

It was great to work with Encuentro and Andrea Plaza again! Encuentro is Albuquerque’s only immigrant center for Spanish-speakers. Andrea is the Director who makes it all happen. Andrea and Sara Nelson, Principal Consultant at Soda Creek, have collaborated on many projects for 10 years now.

The brochure will be for many audiences – funders, collaborators and partners, and community members. It’s in English on one side and Spanish on the other.

Soda Creek does print design and layout?

Yes. Think brochures, letterhead, curriculum layout, and more. Our specialties are: 1. Creating materials that are user-friendly for all literacy levels, 2. Designing bilingual (English/Spanish) educational materials.

“Soda Creek brought our organization to life with a bi-lingual brochure balanced with attention-grabbing photos and active text.  The letterhead design was a fabulous complement and most importantly, working with Sara from Soda Creek felt professional, responsive and creative.  Thanks for helping to cast a spotlight on Encuentro’s work!”

Andrea Plaza

Executive Director, Encuentro