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December 2014 – Nurse Residency Speaking Engagement

microphoneDecember 2014 – Nurse Residency Speaking Engagement

Cheryl, co-owner and registered nurse, was asked to be the keynote speaker for the University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) Nurse Residency monthly meeting. The focus of the meeting was public speaking, research poster presentations, and sharing evidence based information to improve nursing practice. The title of Cheryl’s presentation was “Find Your Voice”. Cheryl shared some of her own personal stories regarding public speaking and overcoming fears during the first years of nursing. She encouraged each nurse resident to not only ‘find your voice but use your voice’ to change nursing practice locally and nationally with the goal of improving patient outcomes.


Quote from nurse resident:

“Thank you for presenting! You are awesome! It looks like you’ve overcome your fear of public speaking. It gives me hope I will survive the next years of nursing!”

April 2014 – Strategic Planning Facilitation for New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence

We collaborated with Leigh Caswell from Presbyterian Healthcare to co-facilitate a 4-hour discussion group with New Mexico Action Coalition committee members and key stakeholders. This was for the New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence to solicit feedback about the findings of a series of community assessments of health needs in New Mexico with emphasis on the impact nursing can have on planning, implementation and evaluation of meeting these health needs. We received positive feedback about the day and look forward to facilitating another session at the end of the month!

Strategic session with Center for Nursing Excellence stakeholders

Strategic session with Center for Nursing Excellence stakeholders

We designed this training to be highly interactive and gather input through various techniques (activities, discussion, reflection, etc.).

At Soda Creek, we always incorporate the principles of adult learning into everything we design- training session, curricula, educational materials, etc.

October 2013 – Customer Service Training

We just finished a customer service training with Native Community Development Associates (NCDA) for First Choice Community Healthcare. It was a great success and a lot of fun! Cheryl Christopherson (Soda Creek) was the lead trainer and Melissa Riley (NCDA) co-facilitated. Participants were engaged, involved, and asked many great questions. In addition to co-owning Soda Creek, Ms. Christopherson is a full-time Registered Nurse. Her hands-on experience in the medical field is an invaluable asset when training other medical professionals. They can easily relate to her and her examples when they know she “walks the talk.” Great job, Cheryl!

When we lead trainings we emphasize adult learning principles. This includes creating a safe and comfortable environment, doing activities that are appropriate for different learning styles, building off the expertise and experiences of everyone in the room, and ensuring people can immediately apply what they learn to their work and life.




April 2013 – Presenter at New Mexico Public Health Association Conference

Sara from Soda Creek had the pleasure to present with Leah Steimel from the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Urban Health Partners (UHP) at the 2013 New Mexico Public Health Association Conference: Disparity 2 Equity Strategies and Solutions. Our presentation was called: “Health Care Home: Experiences of Vulnerable Adult in Bernalillo County and Implications Moving Forward.” Sara has worked with Leah and UHP for many years, most recently on a research study where we’re evaluating the health care home pathway for the Pathways to a Healthy Bernalillo County program.