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Webinar Development

Webinar Development


Our Role

  • Review Medi-Cal Health Homes Program webinar slide presentation and re-develop to be story-focused, written in plain language, and highly visual to maximize audience-engagement.
  • Develop trainer script and trainer tips.
  • Ensure presentation incorporates the principles of adult learning.
  • Create best practices tip sheet for developing user-friendly slide presentations and webinars.

July 2018 – Plain Language Slides for Webinar

July 2018 – Plain Language Webinar Slides

We just wrapped up a project with Harbage Consulting for their Health Homes Program with the California Department of Health Care Services. Harbage will be offering webinar training to health care organizations across California to prepare them to successfully run the Health Homes Program. We helped them get ready by re-writing and planning the design for their introductory webinar. We reviewed and re-wrote their slide deck (in PowerPoint) to incorporate plain language and adult learning principles in order to create an engaging, story-driven webinar. We created a design theme for the slide set and also developed a tip sheet on developing audience-centered webinars and slides.

Messaging Campaign

Sexual Violence Prevention Messaging Strategies




Strategic communication


Our Role

Develop messaging strategies for a statewide sexual violence prevention initiative. This includes:

  • Literature review and environmental scan.
  • Field research with experts and community members.
  • Design messages and determine message dissemination strategies.

Working with Soda Creek on the It Starts with Campaign, has been a great experience. They listened to our partners’ perspectives, incorporated changes where needed, helped provide guidance materials for running the campaign, and worked well with the New Mexico Department of Health. I applaud their patience, professionalism, flexibility, and creativity. They employed a teamwork approach to building a successful social change campaign. We thank them for all the work they have done to support such an important issue as sexual violence prevention.

Heather Frankland

Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator, CDC Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Coordinator, New Mexico Department of Health