Certificate Programme in Remote Partnering

Is remote partnering suitable for you?

If the answer to one or more of the questions to the right is ‘yes’, the Certificate programme in remote partnering may be suitable for your organisation.

Are your staff working in partnership with people away from their work base?

Is your organisation looking to reframe or improve the way it partners and manages its partnerships?

Do your staff sometimes feel isolated or stressed from the challenges of working remotely?

Do you see the potential for remote partnering to offer more inclusive and innovative collaboration opportunities?

Our inaugural participants

Ten international organisations committed staff and resources to the inaugural Level 1 certification course. Defying distance, this diverse cohort produced over 50 actionable, context-specific remote partnering plans in just four weeks. Participants peer reviewed each other’s plans, honing their remote feedback skills. 

“Peer review opened my third eye for remote partnering.”


The programme development and its inaugural run were made possible by the contributions and enthusiasm of the following partner organisations:

  • Act Alliance
  • British Red Cross
  • Care
  • Cordaid
  • Humanitarian Leadership Academy
  • International Planned Parenthood Federation
  • Oxfam International
  • Partnership Brokers Association
  • Partnerships Resource Centre
  • PAX
  • Save the Children UK

Now available

The full programme is now available to all interested organisations that see the need to improve their remote partnering practice.

“I am already applying some of the learnings I got from this course with my Team. This includes setting up [new technology], sharing leadership roles in joint monitoring, and [asking our] partner to process and analyse provincial survey data instead of [my INGO].”

You can learn more about the outcomes of the pilot cohort by viewing the Commencement Exercises that were broadcast by Facebook on 5 April 2018.

Those who complete the course successfully (including submitting a follow up report on implementation one month after the on-line course finishes) were awarded a formal Level 1 Certificate in Remote Partnering Practice and some opted to further their development in the Level 2 certification.

Every aspect of the programme is focused on the context of work of each participant – and intended to be immediately applicable to it.

“Towards the end of the course, my team and I had a meeting to discuss our network building and capacity building plan. I was able to incorporate our updated ideas into a much more fleshed-out plan.”

This course is offered by the Partnership Brokering Association (PBA) in collaboration with the Geneva Learning Foundation. You can learn more on the web site of the Remote Partnering Project.

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