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February 2013 – Field Investigation

As part of the research study we are doing with Urban Health Partners through the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, we are conducting interviews with medical providers and administrators from primary care clinics across Bernalillo County. We’ve conducted 17 so far and have 2 more to go.

January 2013 – Data Analysis

We’ve been working with the University of New Mexico’s Urban Health Partners (UHP) since last summer on a project to better understand and to evaluate the patient-centered medical home model.  For this project, Soda Creek first developed the research tools and conducted focus groups and interviews with community members and health-care providers, and we are now working with the UHP team to analyze the data. We hope to have results in the coming months.

October 2012 – Conduct Focus Groups

We’ve been busy conducting 6 focus groups over the past few weeks for the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center – Urban Health Partners.  Focus groups were done in both English and Spanish.  This was part of a research study where we are assessing a health model in Bernalillo County.

Focus group room set-up at a local community center. For this project we held the focus groups at community locations most convenient to the different groups we were targeting.

Depending on our client and research protocols, we audio record sessions and then later transcribe them (and translate, if needed). We always have two recorders with microphones running.

Food incentives are essential for most focus group discussions. Participants spend their time with us and so we want to make them as comfortable as possible. Depending on the client, participants, or project, this may be snacks or a meal.

Gift card incentives help to ensure participation.